At Workabilities, we collaborate with employers and insurance payors to manage absence and disability… connecting people, work, and life.

As your partner, we are able to reduce risk and reduce disability through our integrated program. We are achieving reduced costs for employers and payors while increasing productivity and improving employee's lives. We are improving life and work outcomes. We are Workabilities!

Change Leaders. Connecting with People. Making a Difference.

We believe in connecting with people so that we make a difference in the lives of others. Within work and disability, we are leaders in connecting and managing resources around occupational and non-occupational managed care services.

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Experts. Connecting the dots. Connecting resources.

By aligning with leaders in stay at work, return to work and case management, we help people stay productive and stay healthy. Through early identification of risks we are able to intervene on the job sooner so that people can stay at work and stay healthy. Our consultants are experienced professionals who identify and remove barriers to return to work. We restore lives!

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  Managed Care Referral - Absence Management
  Return to Work Non-Occupational Referral
Injury - Illness Referral Service

Workabilities offers the following services that are designed to reduce absence and control medical cost: